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B&B Hotel Łódź Centrum
  • 149

    Points of interest


    There is a multipurpose indoor arena, opened in 2009. It is one of the largest Polish venues with seating 10,400. The arena hosts conferences, concerts and sports events.

    Izrael Poznański's Complex

    Izrael Poznański's complex consists of Poznański's industrial-residential edifices with its monumental palace (often referred to as "the Louvre of Łódź"), the most elegant in Łódź. This is a magnificent example of the thriving textile industry in the 19th century in Łódź.


    Situated at the heart of Łódź, this is one of the largest commercial centres in Poland and Europe. Its location is interesting - Izrael Poznański, a famous entrepreneur, established one of the largest textile factories here in the 19th century. Most of the exteriors of the original buildings - except for the main shopping gallery - have been preserved, giving the place a special ambience. Manufaktura, is not only a shopping centre, but also a cultural centre - you can visit artistic exhibitions and learn about the history of Łódź. It also has a lot to offer to all publics - adults and kids can go to an interactive museum, cinema or sports centre.

    Piotrkowska Street

    This is one of the most prestigious streets of Lodz, mainly because of the historic buildings. It is also one of the longest shopping streets in Europe - about 4 km. Currently, Piotrkowska street is a pedestrian zone - you can find there fashionable shops, restaurants, clubs and pubs. This is a place for cultural events and entertainment.